Beaver Hill Auction Services Ltd. is a full service auction company located in Tofield, Alberta (50 km southeast of Edmonton).  Our company holds Regular Sheep & Goat Sales, Regular Horse Sales, Regular Exotic Bird Sales as well as Farm/Acreage/Site Sales as they are booked. We are located at 5008 - 46 Avenue, Tofield, Alberta.

Sales & Events

Sheep & Goat Sales - The only auction market solely DEDICATED to the Sheep & Goat Industry (no cattle or bison sales), we are proud to be the largest "Regular" Sheep & Goat sale in Western Canada.  Beaver Hill Auction Services Ltd. primarily serves the producers located in BC., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  The sales are well attended by producers, local buyers, feeders, local butchers as well as out-of-province buyers who ship to the BC coast and central Canadian markets.  This kind of attendance has helped our market remain stable with very competitive pricing with weekly sales in the fall and bi-monthly sales for the first six months of the year.  (For more information on sale days and times click on "Auctions Coming Up" above)  (For prices and market reports click on "Sheep/Goat Reports" above)  Part of what makes these sales successful is our fax/email that goes out to 400 Producers & Buyers prior to our sale which gives us an opportunity to let everyone know what is coming in.  If you would like to be added to receive this fax/email, please fax or email your information to us. Email

Sheep and Goat receiving hours are Sundays before the sale from 3 pm to 8 pm.  Mondays on sale day we start receiving at 8 am.

Need help arranging trucking?  Phone Doug at 780-777-4540 or email us as we are always arranging loads coming from B.C., Saskatchewan and Alberta using either our 24' and 30 ' double deck sheep trailers or our hired livestock haulers.

Ship to the market that is dedicated to the Sheep and Goat Industry where Sheep and Goats are not just a sideline for us; we strive to provide the best service to help producers succeed.

Horse Sales - Again, one of the largest "regular" horse sales in Canada.  Theses sales are always well-attended by local people as well as people from all three western provinces.  Our company specializes in selling new & used tack and saddles as well as all types of horses including minis, donkeys, drafts, broke horses etc.  We have sold production sales for  horse breeders, dispersals, performance horse sales, & show-horse sales. Click on "Auctions Coming Up" for next sale date and what is booked.

Horse receiving hours are Fridays before the sale from 3 pm to 9 pm. Saturdays on sale day we start receiving at 8 am.  Please download the "EID" forms and "Seller's Declaration" forms from our website at the "Forms" page. 

Farm/Acreage/Site Sales - The company specializes in selling farm/acreage sales in any area.  Our experience includes handling sales on behalf of estates, retirement, liquidations, foreclosures/bankruptcies.  With a great deal of knowledge and experience in selling farm equipment, real estate, antiques, tools and industrial equipment our very competent sales staff is always ready to handle any type of sale anywhere.

Trailer Sales - We are a dealer for 4Star aluminum trailers.  Phone for a price on all types of stock trailers including bumper pulls, goosenecks, double-deck sheep trailers with all kinds of variations of length, widths, heights.



PO BOX 957


OFFICE # (780) 662-9384

FAX # (780) 662-3615

DOUG VERSTRAETE # (780) 777-4540




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