Team of Black & White Paints
Team of Black & White Paints


Please read the rules and guidlelines as measures are in place to attend.



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This month featuring heavy horse teams, light horse teams, working harness, show harness, mini harness, sleighs, bobsleds, wagons as part of our Regular Monthly Horse Sale. Still accepting consignments for this sale.

Also selling Well-Broke Saddle Horses, Prospects and Loose Horses

Selling a very small selection of New and Used Tack, saddles and outside items. 

  • Door opens at 9:45 (will be allowing 30% capacity) and asking only serious bidders/buyers to request (by standing in line, you are requesting) a seat inside. No Children (17 & under). Once inside, please respect the social distancing rules and do not sit on any seats that are taped off.  If we are full of bidders inside, there will be room for about the same number of bidders outside that will see the ring via TV and be able to bid from there. 
  • Tack 10:30 am. 
  • Outside items - If applicable (Hay, wagons, feeders etc).
  • Feature Horses 1:00 pm.
  • Loose horses to follow


Cutoff date to Advertise is Wednesday 5 pm prior to sale date.


Booked already:

- Team of American Black & White Paints - Registered mares (full sisters) Babe Five is 5 yrs old & Queen Six is  6 yrs old - each have white sox and white faces (pictured)   - This team is very well-broke, sound, and love attention. Both started as 3 and 4 years old and both were used to train other horses. Love kids & crowds - great for parades or work them in the field.  Been used on all types of haying equipment. Hitches:  Single and double and have been hitched to sleighs, cutters, carriages, disc, harrows, buck rake, fore cart and stone boats. Functions:  Parades, rally's, school carnivals, trail rides - wagon trains and family get togethers.  Both are very quiet mares from the start and are nice to get along with and eager to work.  Easy to load, trim and good barn manners.  Would not take much to break them to ride.  They are now freshly broke to ride (will have 20 rides each on them by sale time)

- Team of Canadians -  Smurf Canadian X Gelding is 6 yrs old (No papers) & Betty Canadian Mare is 7 yr olds (Purebred-No papers) Again, very well broke, sound, and quiet. Both started as 3 year olds and both used for starting younger horses. Hitches: Single, double, 4 up and 4 abreast and have been hitched to sleighs, cutters, wagons, carriages, fore cart, disc, mower, harrows, buck rake, 24 ft V rake. Functions: Parades, haying in the 30's, rally's, school carnivals, trail rides - wagon trains.   Both are quiet, nice to get along with and eager to work.  Easy to load, trim and good barn manners.

- Heavy Horse parade harness in mint condition
- Set of Heavy team harness 
- Set of mini harness (donkey or mini size)
- Set of pony harness (welsh pony size)
- Set of dog harness
- One kids saddle, 2 western saddles
- 1904 Buckboard - immaculate, flawless upholstery (pictured)
- Early 1900 Doctor's Buggy - immaculate, flawless upholstery (pictured)
- Cutter (pictured)
- Donkey Cart (pictured)
- Training Cart (pictured)

- LONE RIDGE QUARTER HORSE 2020 FOAL PRODUCTION sale featuring 17 Quarter Horse Weanlings - (See PDF File Below for Catalogue)

- Bred Mare & Foal Dispersal - all mares & foals are grades (no papers)
- 7 Canadian Mares (not registered) - pasture bred to Canadian Stud 

- 1 Canadian Stud
- 12 Quarter Horse Mares pasture bred to above Canadian Stud (5 of them) (7 bred to Percheron stud) (pictured)
- 2 Spotted Draft Fillies (pictured)
- 3 Black Quarter Horse Mares (pasture bred) (pictured)

- MULES:  Young mules of both sexes out of a Registered Mammoth Jack and quality paint mares.  From yearlings to 3 year olds.  "Not timid little arena ponies; sure footed and at home in the hills, grew up with free run of over 1000 acres of steep mountains and rugged terrain filled with bears,cougars and wolves; crossed creeks since they were foals, come up to the farmyard and barns daily for salt blocks.  They will make excellent mules for riding, hunting or pack animals." (pictures below)

- 5 year old Bay Thoroughbred Mare (No papers) "Has 60 days on her this spring, needs some miles".  Up to date with teeth, farrier and deworming. (No picture).

SO AYAAN - 7 Year Old (2013) Registered Paint Stud Pintabian.  Not halter broke. (pictures of papers below)

BARDO COCOASANGEL - 18 Year Old (2002) Double Registered Pintabian & Part Arabian.  "Barn name "Hersey", halter broke, has been trained but not riden in several years.  Proven broodmare.  Good on groundwork with kids". (pictures of papers below)

- 2 year old Appaloosa/Quarter Horse Filly (non registered); "Dam is registered foundation black leopard Appaloosa mare (16 hh) and sire registered solid black quarter horse stallion (15 hh).  Filly is tall at 2 yrs old (15 hh); great disposition,halter broke,loads,easy to work with,nice mind and solid confirmation.  Will make a great prospect for endurance, pleasure or ranch work.  Ready to start." (picture below)

-  150 Square Bales Hay 
-  100 Square Bales Hay

- Cream cans, 2 old wood-burning stoves (pictured)
- Assorted collars (pictured)
- Single trees, double trees, neck yokes, eveners (pictured)
- Single harness (pictured)
- Cart (like new) (pictured)
- Passenger wagon (pictured)
- Wagon (pictured)
- Wagon frame (pictured)
- Bobsleigh (pictured)
- 2nd Cutter (pictured)




* EID Forms Are Filled Out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY Prior To Delivering The Horses. 

* If you are not providing pictures (all four sides) then ensure MARKINGS ARE DRAWN IN (RED  INK)  ON THE LEFT SIDE OF FORM. 



All Mature Horses Require Accurate Equine Identification Documents.

These Forms Are Available For Download Under Our "FORMS" Tab Above.


* Do You Have Tack To Sell?

Please Phone Ahead And Pre-Book All Tack As We Fill Up Fast!

* Do You Have A Horse To Sell?

Let Us Know What Your Bringing Ahead Of Time And We'll Do The Advertising For You!
(Cutoff date is Wednesday 5 pm prior to sale date).

* Receiving Hours:  Friday Prior from 3 PM - 9 PM  &  Saturday 8 AM - 11 AM.


Call The Office: 780-662-9384

Call Doug: 780-777-4540



Sale Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020 @10:30 AM

Location: TOFIELD,AB


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