Selling All Types of Sheep & Goats

Including: Feeder Lambs, Butcher Lambs, Ewes,Rams,Bred Ewes & Does, Kid Goats, Billies & Nannies

~ MONDAY JULY 13, 2020 ~

Already Booked:   

  • 100 Open Boer Does (Flock Reduction) - these does are coming from a reputable flock that has overgrown the facility so    must be downsized.  Flock is from a strict flock health program and free of disease.  The kids will be just weaned off the    nannies the day of the sale.  The does are mainly 50 percent Boer & 50 per cent Spanish.  They are 2-5 yr olds.  (pictured  below) or check out their facebook page (
  • 150 Mixed Kids (30-50lbs) (part of the above Flock Reduction) 
  • 100 Open Kiko Does (complete dispersal) this flock was put together for grazing leases etc.  check out their website (
  •   20 Bucks - some yearling Kiko and Kiko/Cashmere, and some of this years' kids (part of above complete dispersal) 
  •   25 Does (dispersal) Kiko
  •     2 Bucks (dispersal) Kiko
  •   18 Bucklings (60lbs)
  • 120 Ram Lambs (70-80lbs) Katahdin
  •   30 Lambs (80-90lbs)
  •   30 Mixed Lambs (55-105lbs) Katahdin
  •   27 Lambs (80lbs) Dorset
  •     9 Lambs (50-60lbs)
  •     4 cull ewes
  •   30 Ram Lambs (60-80lbs) wool
  •   12 Ram Lambs (50lbs)
  •   30 Mixed Lambs (60-70lbs) Katahdin
  •   30 Cull ewes - Katahdin

**CURRENT UPDATE** July 08,2020.

We do ask that our buyers, sellers, and employees respect that we are trying to minimize risk and are taking extra precautions including asking everyone who has been exposed to illness or recent travellers (out of country) to exercise your own precautions. 

In an effort to comply with the guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19  Beaver Hill Auction Services Ltd. has set out the following:

  1. If and when you enter the Auction Market, we ask that you sanitize your hands upon entry, practice the recommended hand washes, recommended spacing and respect the seating arrangements.
  2. Please, if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are a close contact of a person who tested positive for Covid-19; do not attend.
  3. We are limiting sale attendance to 30% of capacity and ask the No Children rule to still be effect.  As we are still bound by AHS rules regarding social distancing and have limited space, attendance of the sale will be restricted to a first come/first serve basis.
  4. Please pre-arrange with your bank to pay by debit card, e-transfer or cheque if you have pre-arranged cheque writing privileges.  We do also accept Mastercard or Visa with a 2 1/2% service charge.  
  5. If you are unable to attend and require assistance to purchase, we are available to order buy on your behalf. Call Doug @ 780-777-4540 or Sheldon @ 780-237-3520.
  6. Consignors may attend the sale conditional on how many seats are vacant while considering the social distancing rules. Also cheques will be readily available after their stock is sold.  If there are no seats available, consignors may remain in your vehicle and we will call you when your settlement is ready for pick-up. 
  7. Thank You.



Sunday Prior 3 pm - 8 pm and Monday morning starting at 8 am.


Phone or send us an email as we are always coordinating loads coming from B.C.; Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We can also haul local using either our 24' or 30' Double Deck Sheep Trailers or our Hired Livestock Haulers.


Let us know what you are bringing ahead of time and we'll do the advertising for you.

Call the office: 780-662-9384

Call Doug:  780-777-4540


** All sheep must be identified with an approved CSIP ear tag. (click the link below)


** Please ensure Premise Identification Numbers (PID) are on all Manifests. (click the link below)



Sale Date: Monday, July 13, 2020 @11 AM

Location: TOFIELD,AB


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