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Including: Feeder Lambs, Butcher Lambs, Ewes,Rams,Bred Ewes & Does, Kid Goats, Billies & Nannies

Expecting a Regular Run of 1200 head

Monday March 23, 2020

There’s no question – the declaration of COVID‑19 as a worldwide health pandemic is having an impact on our lives, business operations and the way we interact with one another. With this in mind, we continue to monitor and assess the updates provided by the Government of Canada and Alberta Public Health. This information guides our approach and helps ensure we take the steps that best protect our clients and staff, reduce risk and ensure we continue serving your needs.

Things are changing rapidly and we’re reaching out with an update about our commitment to safety and well-being. We’ve decided it is in the best interest of our valued clients and staff to carry on with our Sheep & Goat sales as scheduled.   We are however taking precautions such as social distancing and extra sanitization for everyone's protection.  We do ask that our buyers, sellers, and employees respect that we are trying to minimize risk and are taking extra precautions including asking everyone who has been exposed to illness or recent travellers (out of country) to exercise your own precautions. 

Booked already:

  • 100 lambs (100lbs)
  •   40 lambs (90lbs)
  •   50 cull ewes
  •   10 sheep families
  •   40 lambs (80-100lbs)
  •   50 fat lambs (120lbs)
  •   15 lambs (95-105lbs)
  •   15 lambs (80-95lbs
  •   12 lambs (100lbs)
  •   26 lambs (80-100lbs)
  •   15 cull ewes
  •   60 lambs (70-100lbs)
  •   50 lambs (100-120lbs)
  •   60 kids (65-75lbs)
  •   60 kids (65-80lbs)
  •   10 cull nannies


In an effort to comply with the guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19  Beaver Hill Auction Services Ltd. has set out the following:

  1. We are limiting sale attendance to Buyers only. We acknowledge that sellers do like to stay and watch their livestock sell but under these circumstances we ask that you refrain from doing so.
  2. If you enter the Auction Market, we ask that you practice multiple hand washes and conduct the recommended spacing.
  3. If you are unable to attend and require assistance to purchase, we are available to order buy on your behalf. Call Doug @ 780-777-4540 or Sheldon @ 780-237-3520.

A Note for Consignors:

  1. All settlements will be sent via mail.
  2. Doug and Sheldon will be available Monday after the sale and Tuesday to discuss sale results.

We are asking that you follow these conditions so that we can continue to stay healthy and provide you the service of marketing your livestock during these extreme times.

March 19,2020

**Already booked for April 6th Sale** - Complete Dispersal of 120 Bred Ewes (Dorset & Suffolk crosses) bred to Dorset & Suffolk to start lambing May 15th



Sunday Prior 3 pm - 8 pm and Monday morning starting at 8 am.


Phone or send us an email as we are always coordinating loads coming from B.C.; Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We can also haul local using either our 24' or 30' Double Deck Sheep Trailers or our Hired Livestock Haulers.


Let us know what you are bringing ahead of time and we'll do the advertising for you.

Call the office: 780-662-9384

Call Doug:  780-777-4540


** All sheep must be identified with an approved CSIP ear tag. (click the link below)


** Please ensure Premise Identification Numbers (PID) are on all Manifests. (click the link below)



Sale Date: Monday, March 23, 2020 @11 AM

Location: TOFIELD,AB


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