Selling All Types of Sheep & Goats

Including: Feeder Lambs, Butcher Lambs, Ewes,Rams,Bred Ewes & Does, Kid Goats, Billies & Nannies

Monday December 16,2019

Expecting a Regular Run of 1200 Head

Already booked:

370 Bred Ewes - Complete Dispersal - Dorset/Ramboulet/Targhee Ewes Cancelled.

~   21 Bred Ewe Lambs - Dorset/Ramboulet due to start lambing March 28th - these ewe lambs will be 2 yrs old at time of first lambing (Pictured below) GREAT STARTER FLOCK - bred to Purebred Suffolk Ram (almost 2 yr old selling as well)  

~   25 Bred Ewes - Dispersal - Painted Desert, White Texas Doll, Barbados (all ewes are bred to White Texas Doll or Barbados Rams and due Jan 10)

170 Bred Ewes - Complete Dispersal - Dorper & Katahdin bred to North Country Cheviot & Hampshire due to start lambing mid March.

~   38 Bred Does - Boer Nannies - some due to kid in January, rest in March bred to Boer Buck - also selling 2 Boer Bucks

(The above Ewes & Nannies will be mouthed, bagged and ultrasounded and are scheduled to sell at Noon).

Also pre-booked for the sale:

~  50 Lambs (100 lbs)
~  26 Lambs (80-100 lbs)
~  40 Lambs (85-100 lbs)
~  60 Lambs (85-100 lbs)
~  20 Cull Ewes
~  15 Ewes Purebred Katahadin + 5 Ewe Lambs (All Exposed To Ram)
~    3 Shropshire Purebred Rams, 2 Suffolk Purebred Rams, 1 North Country Cheviot Ram. All Rams come with papers.
~    3 Purebred Clun Forest Ewes - All 3  Ewes come with papers.
~    1 Ile De France Ram.

~  70 Mixed Kids (40-80 lbs)
~  25 Mixed Kids (40-70 lbs), 20 Open Nannies (2-6 yrs old), 1 Boer/Kiko Cross Billy, 1 Boer Billy.

~  Also selling at this sale as directed by the Public Trustee on behalf of an Estate are 52 horses - mainly quarter horse and quarter horse crosses - mares are most likely bred, also selling 4 donkeys.  As these horses are part of an estate, they will be selling as/is with no paperwork.  Scheduled to sell at 4:30 pm. (After completion of Sheep & Goat Sale). (Pictures below)


Sunday Prior 3 pm - 8 pm and Monday morning starting at 8 am.


Phone or send us an email as we are always coordinating loads coming from B.C.; Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We can also haul local using either our 24' or 30' Double Deck Sheep Trailers or our Hired Livestock Haulers.


Let us know what you are bringing ahead of time and we'll do the advertising for you.

Call the office: 780-662-9384

Call Doug:  780-777-4540


** All sheep must be identified with an approved CSIP ear tag. (click the link below)


** Please ensure Premise Identification Numbers (PID) are on all Manifests. (click the link below)



Sale Date: Monday, December 16, 2019 @11 AM

Location: TOFIELD,AB


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