Expecting A Large Run Of 800 HEAD

Selling All Types of Sheep & Goats

Including: Feeder Lambs, Butcher Lambs, Ewes, Rams, Bred Ewes, Kid Goats, Billies and Nannies



~  LOT 1 – 50 head Complete Dispersal of Bred Ewes – Rideau Arcott cross ewes and Dorset cross ewes due to start lambing end of April - ewes range in age from 1-4 yrs old

~  LOT 2 - 38 head Bred Ewe Lambs - Rideau Arcott ewe lambs bred to Rideau and Canadian Arcott due to start lambing June 1st 

~  LOT 3 - 100 head Complete Dispersal of Bred Ewes – 70  Ewes are all hair-type Katahdin cross due end of March - 30 hair/wool cross ewe lambs due in June 

~  LOT 4 - 20 head Bred Ewes - Ille de France/Rideau Arcott cross ewes bred to Suffolk and due to start lambing mid-April

~  LOT 5 - 38 head Bred Ewes - due to start lambing mid-April

All above ewes will be ultra-sounded, mouthed and bagged.  Culls will be sold separate.

Also pre-booked:
~ 40 New Crop lambs (50-80lbs)
~ 25 New Crop lambs (55-75lbs)
~ 30 New Crop lambs (55-85lbs)
~ 20 Lambs (70-90lbs)
~ 40 Fat Lambs (110-120lbs)
~ 20 Lambs (65-80lbs)
~ 26 Bucklings (55-85lbs)
~   1 Buck (6 yr old Boer - still a good breeder)
~ 20 Cull Ewes

~ 90 Bucklings (60-80lbs) Savanna/Kiko





Sunday Prior 3 PM - 8 PM & Monday Morning Starting At 8 AM.


Phone Or Send Us an Email as We Are Always Coordinating loads coming from B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We Can Also Haul Local Using Either Our 24' Double Deck Sheep Trailer Or Our Hired Livestock Haulers.


Let Us Know What Your Bringing Ahead of Time and We’ll Do the Advertising for You!

You can also fill out the Sheep & Goat Information Forms to give us more detail on what you’re selling. These forms are available for download under the forms tab!


Call The Office: 780-662-9384

Call Doug: 780-777-4540

Email: doug@beaverhillauctions.com


Sale Date: Monday, March 26, 2018 @11 AM

Location: TOFIELD, AB


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